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In the Sahara

Insta dri top coat

Everyone has their favorite quick-dry top coat, and for many it is Seche Vite, but my fave is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri. Glossy, protective and very fast drying, it couldn’t be simpler: buy it.

Precise beauty

I love glass nail files for their precision, but they also look really beautiful.

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Smooth sailing

Gelous is fantastic for strengthening your nails and also for smoothing over bumpy polishes.

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Bonds directly to the nail as a protective barrier. Contains Keratin a funamental component of nails. Creates a protein-rich coating. Adds measurable thickness.

Goodbye glitter

This stuff is cheap and so so fast at getting even stubborn polish off your nails!

Pure acetone


Best thing ever!

I seriously  LOVE THIS BOTTLE! Just a few taps with a cotton puff and you get the perfect amount without a spill. The smallest size (4 ounces) is short enough to fit in a drawer – perfection!


The safe one handed dispensing pump saves time and prevents waste from spills.

Tidy up

You really never can have too many of these.


Tweezerman manicure and pedicures sticks are sturdy yet flexible with a flat end for pushing back cuticles and a rounded point for cleaning under and around the nail. Use the slant end to gently push back cuticles. Use the pointed end for cleaning under and around nail.

Clean it up

I love using this brush to clean up the edges of my nails. Its like a Magic Eraser for your manicure and especially (if you’re me) your pedicure.


Prep them first

Fast and gentle – super easy!

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Dissolve dry cuticles in 15 seconds Great for calluses too this revolutionary formula helps break down excess cuticles in seconds and contains moisturizing aloe and chamomile to help condition and soothe.